Written Destiny

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For some people being a police officer is rather hard job, especially for woman, but some ladies don’t think on this way. There are so many policewomen that do their job very good, work a lot and are even better then the policemen, so it is definitely time to put an end to the stereotypes, once for all.The policewoman Amy had numerous different cases in her career but the last one is really something specific and unusual. Namely, it is about a murder of a famous writer named Nicholas. Nicholas was found dead last night, near his property. The writer was actually murdered and the murder was done on the same way as it was described in one of his books.This creepy coincidence is something that has shaken everyone, opening two questions – did the writer predict and write about his own death or the murderer simply used the way of killing described in the writer’s book?! Let’s start the investigation together with the policewoman Amy, and search together for the evidences that will lead to a solution for this rather complex case of a murder.

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