Lost Wanderer

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We have all heard numerous stories about ghost. Usually, in those stories ghosts are explained as an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear to the living. And id ghosts that have finished their life mission are settled free and they go to a particular place, the others are lost and wander around us, until they finish their mission, even if they are already dead.Donna is looking for the lost ghost who walks around the city graveyard, late in the night. There are not many people who have a courage to do that but Donna, together with her two friends Andrew and Emily, have decided to do something that has a crucial meaning for the whole city.They like to make a contact with the ghost and help him find the direction, to find the way that leads to the place where all the other ghosts find their peace. This is not an easy task but they like to do that, no matter what. By helping the lost wanderer find his place, they will bring peace to everyone that lives there and the city graveyard will be ‘free\' again. If you are not scared, let\'s help Donna, Andrew and Emily find the ghost and take him where he belongs.

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