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Some people have never been to a museum and that is a real pity. It shouldn\'t be like that because museums are places where you can find many artifacts and objects that witness important events from the past. The two friends Anna and Brenda are part of the tourist tour that today is visiting one of the most famous museums in the country. The museum is widely known, and people come there from different parts of the country, just to see its amazing collection. Also, the exhibition is quite rich. There are many notable objects there, objects that are a real must-see. That\'s why Anna and Brenda have made a list, actually a very long list, of the objects they like to see in the museum. That way they won\'t have a chance to miss some important object. Let\'s visit the famous museum together with the two friends, Anna and Brenda, and help them find the objects they like. We will also see the exhibition and enjoy our visit to the museum. This is a very significant place and everyone needs to see it.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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