Unexpected Adventure

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This is the first time being in Europe for Elizabeth and Anthony, the first time in their lives. Thirsty to discover all the beauties of Europe, they decided to stay in a private accommodation instead of staying in a hotel. They believe that this way they could feel the spirit of Europe and relate more with the people who live there.Elizabeth and Anthony dreamed about thus visit for a long time and they often imagined their stay. They imagined the neighborhood, the house where they will stay, but once they arrived in the house where they will stay for five days, they were pleasantly surprised by the house, mostly by its incredible architecture. It is so typical for Europe but it\'s completely new for them. Instead of walking through the city center, like most of the tourists do, Elizabeth and Anthony decided to stay in the house and explore it. This is a really unexpected adventure for them – a house full of rare objects from Europe. Let\'s see what is this house about and enjoy its uniqueness and beauty.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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