Travel with friends

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Traveling with friends is one of the things we remember forever! The place we have chosen to visit is important but more important are the moments spent together, the unique situations you have to deal with together, all the funny things... The three friends Carolyn , Adam and Diane have chosen to go on a trip together. Going to some exotic place maybe sounds attractive but sometimes traveling through our own country may be even better. The three friends have decided to travel through their country and to visit places where they have never been before. First, they arrive in one small but beautiful place, a small but not that famous city that waits for them to be explored. There are many interesting things that need to be seen,including many local shops where they could buy beautiful objects and souvenirs. They hardly wait to start their walk in this city and find out something more about a place that is in their country but it is completely new for them.Let’s search through the place together with our new friends.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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