Brave Angels

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Welcome to this magical world, full of angels and wizards. Here, there are different rules for life since everything is moved by different forces, like magic and holly objects that have great powers, objects that are able to move things on one way or another.First, you will meet the brave angel Laura. She, together with her two angel-friends Amanda and Betty, come in the village where lives the evil wizard Etorn. The three brave angels are actually on a special mission in this village. They have a task to steal the holly objects from the wizard. By doing that, they will make the wizard’s magic weaker and he won’t be able to make evil things anymore.This seems like a noble mission for anyone so why don’t we help the brave angels finish their task successfully? We will also learn something more about angels and wizards, including their special powers and magic. Let’s start this amazing adventure and see what will happen in the village of the evil wizard Etorn. But be prepared for everything and brave like those angels and it’s gonna be all fine.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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