The Story of Us

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Finding the true love is the biggest challenge for many people. For some the true love comes very easy while others look for it their whole life. No matter how this love has come, being in love is the most beautiful feeling in the whole world. It makes us feel complete, richer and happier, which is very important for us. Then those butterflies in our stomach. Mmmm, love, sweet love!Doris is on the seventh heaven! You may imagine what happen to her – she met the love of her life in one small romantic village. This man is a very special person for her who sees the love very seriously. However, he also thinks that things should be spiced up from time to time and that\'s why he has organized her very interesting game. Doris\'s lover has hidden six love messages all around the weekend house where they are housed and with these messages he likes to show her his great love.This happy girl has a task in front of her; to find those messages and see what is her lover feeling about her. Let\'s enjoy together in this wonderful romance and see how Doris will handle with finding the messages. Maybe she will need some help so can you take part in the search and see what is going on there?

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