Lord of Gold

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Have you ever heard about the lord of gold? We haven\'t heard as well, but it seems that there was a man known by this name, at least Amanda, Pamela and the goblin Jonathan believe in that, but let\'s start from the beginning.According to the legends about the lord of gold, it is about the wizard Stephen who was known by this name. This man was known as the lord of god because he had a huge amount of gold.He lived in one village and according to the legends, even though the wizard Stephen doesn\'t live in this village any more, his gold, many valuable objects, together with many rare golden coins are still hidden here.Leaded by this interesting legend, Amanda, Pamela and the goblin Jonathan, came into the village where years ago lived the wizard Stephen. They hope that they will manage to find the gold, together with those valuable coins and objects, so they start searching all around the village. We could also take a part in this interesting search and try to find out what has the lord of gold left behind.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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