Magic Rings

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Stories about objects that give huge power! Yes, they exist, but are they true? There is a story about certain rings that have magical powers. According to the stories, those rings give special power to the one that has them and they make him or her indestructible. That means the person with the rings will have a lot of power and abilities to do many things that regular people can’t.As told by the stories narrated by many people, it seems that those magical rings really exist. Supposedly, they are in the abandoned castle that belongs to the king Adam. Martha is on her way to discover the truth about the legends about the magical rings. She is prepared to go on a journey to the castle and find out what are those stories about. Will she really find magical rings or she will have to come back just like that?We will see very soon, but while she is doing that, let’s help her complete her mission. If she finds the rings, we will be sure that the power of the rings won’t be used for wrong purposes, so let’s start right away.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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