Creeping Shadow

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Cynthia, Larry, and Sharon love horror movies. They are fascinated by this genre and its concepts and know facts that most of us don\'t know about places that inspire horror stores, abandoned castles, and other scary locations. They also know the legend about the abandoned castle located near their homes. It says that this castle is a place inhabited by ghosts. They live there, and they don\'t let anyone come inside. Willing to check out the truth about this legend, the three friends get into a dangerous and scary adventure that will take them into many mysterious situations. They have seen everything in those horror movies, but will be able to handle a horror situation in real life? Maybe their knowledge won\'t be a significant factor when they face something scary, something that exceeds their expectations in real life. Let\'s find out what is happening in that old abandoned house and help our horror fans if they get into trouble while exploring this unusual place. Maybe the tricks learned in the horror movies will help them deal with the ghosts, but let\'s see.

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