Storm Shelter

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Fishermen usually check out the weather before they go fishing. Actually, checking the weather is the most important segment of fishing. If the weather is bad, there is too much wind or a heavy rain, then the fish won\'t come. But it\'s not just about the fish. The fishermen usually choose a spot that is located in nature, and often there is no place to hide from the bad weather. The fisherman Larry, when he was catching fish in the close lake, was caught in a storm. At first the weather was nice and that is how he decided to go fishing but sometimes even the weather cast can appear to be wrong. Things changed in a minute. Suddenly, there was thunder and a heavy rain, so he had to find a place to hide. For his luck, Larry found one small abandoned cottage. Who knows what is there in the cottage but it seems to be the only safe place around. This cottage can be used like a shelter from the storm. Let\'s help Larry to escape from the storm and be safe while it is still there.

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