Island of Echoes

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Have you ever heard about the Island of Echoes? Well, this island is known for its dangerous and unpredictable terrains. Only the most experienced climbers and adventurers dare to go there and walk through the island, because no-one knows what will appear next. But, it\'s not just the terrain. The name of the island says something about it.Namely, there are certain sculptures on this island and those sculptures, together with the mountains that surround the island, produce some specific noises. Actually, it is about perfect echo, so the visitors of the island feel like they are not alone on the island, even though no-one lives there. Or maybe we don\'t know that someone lives there...Well, Charles and Margaret are here to find out something more about this island. They are adventurers and two of the rare visitors of the Island of echoes. They are here to explore the island and solve all the dilemmas about it, by discovering the truth. Let\'s search the Island of echoes and find out what is hiding there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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