Stolen Soul

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We are all sensitive when it comes to the members of our family and the people we are close with. We don\'t wish anything bad to them, and we wish them all the best in the world. But unfortunately, everything is not in our hands and sometimes certain people or events can become a threat for them, making their lives a real hell!Orgon is looking for the evil witch Fikora. Something unusual happened, that completely changed his life, including the life of his brother. Namely, this witch has stolen the soul of his brother, no matter how impossibly that sounds. She did that mercilessly, intending to make him just like her - evil.She believed that that way she will make him serve her and do evil things. Orgon is stunned by the whole thing and he doesn\'t like to accept that something like this could happen to his brother. He is prepared to do everything that needs to be done, to bring his brother back to normal.Orgon knows that it will be very hard and very challenging but he has determined to face the evil witch Fikora and bring back the stolen soul of his brother.

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