Valley of memories

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Childhood memories are precious. Those moments are gone but the memories stay forever, reminding us of those times when we were absolutely free, without responsibilities and without fears of any kind. Our hearts were open for all kinds of sensations and that’s why they were able to attract beautiful things and see them in their true light.Carol, Brian and Melissa are cousins. They also have beautiful memories of their childhood, related to the time they spent together in the house of their grandparents. They used to spend the whole summer in that house, located at the wonderful valley, few kilometers away from the city where they live. They played together different games and spent excellent time with their grandparents but also they had a great time with each other.Today, Carol, Brian and Melissa decide to visit the valley once again. They would like to remember to the beautiful days spent there and check out if everything is same as in their memories. The time sometimes changes our memories but Is that true in this case?

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