Countryside Mystery

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Unfortunately, people disappear all the time. The reasons for that are different. Some of the reasons are naïve and not that serious, like staying overnight with the boyfriend or something similar. Sometimes people who are somehow sick lose their way home and find hard to come back, which is also serious while sometimes it is about kidnapping… And some of those people are found very soon while others can’t be found even for many years.Carol and Brian are in a search for Emily. It is about a girl that comes from the village but she went missing three days ago. Nothing can tell what is it about, at least that’s how it looks like at first, but with little effort, we hope that things will get better.Carol and Brian are very scared about Emily’s life and they are in a hurry to find at least some kind of an evidence that will prove that she is hidden somewhere and she is still alive. Let’s help them finish this job sooner, before anything happens to this poor girl. They will surely need some help, having in mind that this situation is very serious and rather complicated.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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