Unseen Visitors

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Probably many of us wonder what happens to our weekend houses when we are not there. It\'s not that we are paranoid or something similar but we simply wonder if everything is all right there, simple practical things. But this thing that happened to our characters is not as simple as that. It is rather complicated and very strange but also very scary...Dorothy, together with her daughter Carol and her son Brian, arrive in their weekend house on the mountain. They hardly waited to go there, because they love spending time there, but this time they were very surprised by the things they saw. Namely, everything in the weekend house is decorated by the Christmas spirit.Christmas was two months ago, so they like to find out who has entered into their house and who decorated it like this. They are very surprised by the discovery and it seems like their house is a home for someone else. It looks like those gests are invisible, are we talking about ghosts?! We could take a look in the house and find out what actually happened there.

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