Secret Bounty

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The police and the authorities know their job really good and that\'s why we are generally safe while during our everyday activities. But however, the criminal is something that exists since forever and the fight between good and bad seem to be an eternal fight, that is for sure. And even though they are so good, the authorities need our help from time to time.Since the criminals are always somewhere around us, sometimes it could happen for us to know more about them then the police. That\'s why the authorities sometimes give bounty, to motivate the people share everything they know about some crime or a criminal.That\'s what happens with the three cowboys Mary, Linda and Robert who take part in the secret \'Bounty\', with intention to find out who are the masked robbers of banks and trains, who operate around the wild west. The state offers a big amount of money for the one that will find out who are the robbers so that money, so the bounty, together with the wish to bring justice, is what motivates the three cowboys to start searching.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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