Land of Truth

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The wizard Argus and his assistant Elisa arrive at the magical land of truth. That is the place where all-mighty gods live, and if you fulfill their requirements, they will reveal to you the biggest secrets. The reason why Argus and Elisa are here, in the land of truth, is very serious. A few months ago, the wizard Argus lost his brother. Hopefully, the brother is still alive, but he has disappeared. Since then, there is no trace of him. The wizard Argus is in the land of truth, prepared to hear the actual truth about his brother. He likes to find out what happened to his brother; where is he now? Argus is prepared to fulfill all the Gods\' wishes, just to get to know the truth.Let\'s visit this unusual land together with our characters, the wizard Argus, and his assistant Elisa. This land seems to be a safe place, and maybe, if you have a wish, we could ask the Gods to reveal to us something, don\'t we? Let\'s see what is waiting for us in the Land of Truth.

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