Dragons Labyrinth

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The mythology is related to the believes of the people. Many years ago, they didn\'t know how to explain everything that was happening around them, so spontaneously they went for a personification for explaining the things. That\'s how those mythological creatures appeared and the folklore keeps the legends and stories about them as a testimony to the level of consciousness of people who lived in these times.Dragons are mentioned very often in the mythology and we may only guess if they really existed and what were they doing. This is a very interesting story about one girl who has a very hard mission in front of her and brings us back in the time of the dragons and wizards.Elora arrives in the land of the dragon where she will meet Felicity – the fairy of the dragon. Here, Elora has only one aim on her mind – to find the precious stones kept by the dragon on his property. However, it is not that easy to get to those precious stones. If she wants to get them, she will have to complete all the tasks given by Felicity.

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