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Martha is a famous private detective who has worked on numerous cases. But the issue that made her so famous is the fact that she has actually solved those cases very successfully, leaving her clients very satisfied. That is why Martha has so many clients waiting for her, to come to a solution for the things that are bothering them.Today Martha has a special case, related to an actual murder. Namely, one of the owners of a famous company for manufacturing and creating jewelry has been found dead in his own house. In this case, when it comes to a famous and wealthy man, everyone could be the suspect. That means that Martha will have full hands of work in the process of finding the killer.The famous detective is now in the house of the victim with intention to find enough evidence that will help her with the case. We may look for the traces too, so Martha could finish the case faster, and of course, with a better success. Let\'s take a look at the crime scene and act like real detectives in order to catch the criminals.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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