Hidden Masterpiece

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When it comes to art, the value of some artwork doesn\'t always depend on the fact \"how beautiful\" that work is. Amanda, Brian, and Carol are experts in rare art paintings. They know much about art history and have \"an eye\" that is capable of detecting real works of art. They are always looking for something new, they trade with works of art, have some in their own collection... The three experts are now focused on one artist, the famous painter George. They believe that in his house there is a hidden and very valuable work of art. Amanda, Brian, and Carol are afraid that maybe George doesn\'t know how valuable is that piece of art and that maybe he can sell it for a very low price. They will like to see that artwork and see if it is really that valuable, and after that, advise George on what he should do with that artwork. Let\'s see how will this situation end up. Is this piece of art that valuable and if it is, will they be able to explain to the artist the real value of the piece? Let\'s look at things closer, and find a solution for the situation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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