Village Of Thieves

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Elysia is a very brave girl. She likes to face things and to look the truth in the eyes. She always takes on different challenges - something that provokes her or inspires her and sometimes likes to do big things, things that could also help her surroundings. Like this last time when Elysia has decided to save her village from a great evil.Elysia\'s village, for a few years already, has been attacked by one gang of thieves. Those thieves operate through the whole village, stealing the valuable objects that belong to the people who live there. Elysia believes that it is time to stop this gang of thieves and to put an end to their cruel actions. She is in the village now, prepared to bring back the stolen objects. She likes to find the thieves and catch them once for all, and after that, to make everyone happy by bringing back everything that was theirs.This is a very dangerous mission for a girl, even for the bravest one, so let\'s help Elysia find the thieves. The whole village will be very thankful.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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