The Kitchen Master

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Being in the group of the best kitchen chefs in town is really hard and responsible work. First, you have to earn that title by learning how to prepare the best recipes and after that, you have to maintain the good reputation by continually good work. People are really rigorous when it comes to food quality so the person who becomes a kitchen master has to work a lot in order to keep that prestigious title.Randy is really one of the best kitchen chefs in the town. He is very famous by his exceptional food and people enjoy it very much. But Randy is today on a particular mission. After a long period of time, it is time for him to prepare food in his home, instead of his restaurant. Namely, few of his friends that he hasn\'t seen for a really long period of time, from the time of his childhood actually, will come to visit him.Randy is really excited and he hardly waits to see them. for the special occasion Randy likes to surprise his childhood friends with a special recipe. Let\'s see how the kitchen masters actually work and enjoy cooking.

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