The Alchemists Land

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Alchemy is a philosophy of thinking. Some still take it seriously and think that it can help them make gold out of any kind of metal. It is more of a belief than it actually is a real thing, but you can\'t blame someone for believing in something, can you?It is the story with our characters today. They are aware that alchemists are something that exists only in the stories, but still would dare to believe that there still is a chance for the wanted gold to be part of their lives again. It is not by accident that the sorcerer Corbin tries to track the alchemists\' past and recreate the image about the creation of gold.The sorcerers Corbin is the only offspring of the alchemists Yasmin arrive in the so called Land of the alchemists. Today there no longer exist alchemists, but they would like to discover something more about these people. Listening to the stories of her grandfather alchemist, Yasmin knows that here somewhere lies the recipe about the converting of the ordinary metal into gold. Corbin and Yasmin have their friends around to help them and they start exploring this land.

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