Camden Market

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Camden Town is famed for its market. It is the largest and most diverse market, a place of counter culture and creativity, where people come to discover new tastes and fresh talents, to cherish heritage and embrace the original. A haven of counter culture, the area is popular with tourists. Much of the market\'s vibrancy comes from its variety.In our game today we will get familiar with all its varieties through the tips and advices from Jacob. He is a salesman in the Camden Market. As he takes us through the shops and temporary stands we get to meet two friends - Mary and Emily. Bargaining and haggling for a better deal is all part of the experience when shopping at markets. That\'s what Mary and Emily will learn today with Jacob as he serves them.The two friends came to the market to make a good deal and to buy what they need. Every shop highs the price, and they need to be firm on the price they thought. Camden Market is a very busy place, every street in that market is so crowded. However, it is fun. Help them buy some clothes and accessories for a reasonable price!

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