Golden Puzzle

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Have you ever heard about the golden puzzle? Probably not, because this puzzle hides very big secret, something that no one knows. Actually, it is about hidden treasure and since this treasure is still hidden, probably it is hard to get there… and you can get there only by collecting all the pieces of the golden puzzle which is actually a map that leads to the treasure.Virginia has heard something about the pieces of the golden puzzle, something about the place where they are hidden, so she uses the chance and goes there right away. Now she will search the whole place, looking for those pieces. Also, she hopes that she will manage to make the puzzle, no matter how hard it is, and find the place where the hidden treasure is.Are you curious to see what is hiding in the golden puzzle? Let’s help Virginia in her search and find out if she will really get those pieces. You have to admit that this is a unique chance, so let’s take this adventure together, helping the girl finish her interesting mission.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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