Lunar Murder

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This morning, one unpleasant news has shaken Italy. Namely, a famous Italian singer was found dead in her home. As the police says, the woman was found in her apartment with unusual redness on her skin. The cause of the death is still uncertain so the police doubts if it was a natural death or a death caused by a murder.And somehow, we are accustomed that when it comes to a death of a celebrity person, the whole public is really concerned about it. That\'s why the best Italian detectives are included in the case and they are on a mission to find out the cause of death and after that, to find the murder if the cause of death was a murder. For that purpose, they need to explore the whole apartment and check out for some traces and evidences.Only that way they will be able to find out the reason for the sudden death of the Italian singer, that left numerous people very sad and surprised. We may also take part in this case, by working together with the detectives and let\'s hope that the case will be solved as soon as possible.

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