Suspicious Items

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Do you wonder why some people decide to market products that are somehow toxic and harmful to society? We are talking about food, medicines, or objects made from material of disputed origin. Well, of course, the money! We all know that high-quality products are made of quality materials or ingredients, and they have their specific price. If competition is to be pushed to the fore, something must be cut from the input\'s costs. Guided by these principles, some people without the slightest moral, let some risky products onto the market, as if they don\'t realize that in this case, their loved ones can easily be endangered as well. Maria is the chief chemist at the Market Food Quality Testing Laboratory, and she has serious suspicions at the moment that some of her colleagues are being bribed and are knowingly putting some risky foods on the market. Let\'s help Maria and find out what is going on in Maria\'s laboratory.

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