Enter the Fairy Tale

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Let\'s escape for a while from this reality that makes us be so serious and concerned about everything around us and enter into one amazing and magical world, the world of the fairy tales. The good fairy named Susan and her friend, the dwarf Joseph, have finally managed to find the world of the fairy tales and enter there. They feel really excited about this finding because that was something they were always dreaming about.Now they have a task in front of them - to find all the magical objects from this world. However, in meantime they will have to solve few riddles, each one related to a certain fairy tale. In the riddles, Susan and Joseph will find out the names of the fairy tales, related to the riddles.In case that you have forgotten the beautiful fairy tales, this game will be a wonderful journey through the world of the fairy tales. Just follow the signs and you won\'t have any trouble solving the riddles and of course, finding the right answers. Let\'s enjoy the journey and have a lot of fun!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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