Family Values

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Are you fascinated by old things? Not old things that can\'t be used anymore but objects that belong to some other time period, the time of out ancestors. And remembering those times can be very interesting because we see something we haven\'t seen before in our everyday life...Linda, Robert and Susan get to the house that belonged to Linda\'s grandfather and grandmother. It is about an interesting house but at the same time it is old and abandoned house and no one lives there for years. For some people this house may seem scary but not for Linda, Robert and Susan. They always see something more in this house because the house is a place that keeps the family values of their own family.But in this case, it is not just about the moral family values that base on certain traditions but it is about valuable objects as well. Here can be found the valuable objects that once belonged to their grandfather and grandmother. Linda, Robert and Susan are here to find those valuable objects, so they could make safe those family values. Let\'s take a look of this house and see what is hiding there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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