Forbidden Fortress

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When it comes about pirates, there is always something mysterious. They were looking for treasure but after the found the treasure, they keep it and hide it in different places, so no one could reach there. That\'s why there are so many stories about hidden treasures, marked on maps. Those maps look clear but actually the pirates make improvisation to confuse the eye of the beholder and only they knew the real position of the treasures. However, sometimes it happened the pirates to be killed or they had some kind of an accident at the sea, so those maps stay to be decrypted by someone who knows how to relate the available signs.In this case we have a little bit different situation. Namely, Terry arrives at the island where there is a fortress that belonged to the biggest bunch of pirates. It is about a forbidden territory that has been closed by the government because the government thinks that there is still a big fortune, hidden by the main leader of the pirates. There are certain stories about it and the government doesn\'t like to leave anything by chance, so they like to be the first ones that will explore the fortress very carefully.Terry is a very curious person and he likes to look around this fortress, but he is careful and he doesn\'t like anyone to notice him. If anyone sees him, he would be in very big trouble because he is messing up with the authorities...

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