Grandparents House

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Anthony\'s father lived a completely different life in the village from the life of his grandchildren who live in the city and are totally accustomed to the comfort of the city life. Their father, on the other hand, believes that it will ve very useful for his kids to find out something more about life in the village. Today Anthony has decided to take his son Steven and his daughter Donna on a very interesting journey. Their final destination is the village house of Anthony\'s father, the grandfather Richard. The house is located in a very beautiful village, surrounded by a wonderful natural environment and numerous beautiful landscapes. The children have never visited this house before so they are very excited about it. Anthony is also very happy that his kids will have an opportunity to find out how is life in a village, something they didn\'t have a chance to find out before. At the same time, Steven and Donna hardly wait to see their grandfather\'s house and explore what is hiding there.

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