Camping Vacation

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When choosing a place or a way to spend the holidays, people go for different things that attract them and choose the option that seem to be best for them. Some people like to spend time alone on the beach, enjoying the sun rays without being interrupted by anything or anyone whole others like to be accommodated somewhere in the city center, going out every night and visiting the local taverns or disco clubs.Some people like camping while others go for an all-inclusive variant, choosing not to worry about anything and so on. But everything is just fine, as long as we take the proper rest and fill out batteries for the challenges that wait for us in our everyday life.What Rose likes most is spending her free time somewhere in the nature, always choosing different locations. Recently she has even bought a camping vehicle because she has decided to spent her vacation camping on many locations. However, maybe Rose knows a lot about camping but the nature could always be unpredictable so let\'s help her with her challenge.

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