Expedition reunion

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Sometimes it is very nice to remember something that happened years ago, especially if it was something that made us happy or simply it was something useful. Sometimes it is about meeting an old friend, sometimes it is about turning back to the old hobby, anything that could make us feel better about ourselves. Nancy and Timothy decide that it is time to be reminded about the old times when they had a great time in the mountains, together with their friends - climbers. They used to hang out a lot before, conquering mountains together so many times. Nancy and Timothy have decided to make some kind of an anniversary from their friendship and once again, gather the team that has been part of so many expeditions. After so many years, it is time for the new expedition. Let\'s be part of this expedition and have a great time together with Nancy, Timothy, and their friends - climbers. You will see that this friendship is more than just regular climbing, a great way to socialize and spend some quality time together.

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