Cursed Swamp Cabin

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There was a local cabin near the swamp that was often visited by the people who live around. People used to overnight in that cabin, after long walks in that surroundings, or they simply spent the weekend there, enjoying the wonderful nature. But this cabin has been cursed, so now, no one can enter there, not to mention spending the night there. Also, the local citizens are afraid of the cabin now, or what can happen as a result of that curse, so they are looking for an answer for their problem. The woman from the swamp, Carol, the Indian Shaman, and their friends come to the cabin to see what is going on there. They would like to find a way to break the curse and make the cabin a safe place, as it was before. It seems that those fellows will have a serious job to do, so are you willing to help them? We assure you that we will meet interesting characters cause the lady from the swamp is not something you see every day, right? And what about the Indian Shaman? Let\'s don\'t waste time and bring the cabin back to the local citizens, so they can enjoy their time there as before.

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