The Forgers Curse

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The works of art, especially the ones with a great quality, are very expensive. Some of them cost a real fortune. And that is all right, having in mind that it is about a handmade product, made with a lot of attention, asking talent and a lot of work. But also it is a completely original piece. No-one could possibly have something same because one particular artist made it, investing his momentary inspiration, giving a piece of his talent and soul.But also, there are talented people who don\'t work on their own art, but they make counterfeits of works of art and sell them as originals. Why someone does that? Well, works of art of famous artists have a huge price, and those forgers lie the people selling them fake art, with a huge price.Debra and Jerry are detectives who are specialized in discovering counterfeit works of art that are sold on the black market as originals. The detectives arrive in a seemingly abandoned house that belongs to the most famous forger of works of art. The like to find enough evidences and finally arrest him.

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