Fragrance of Flowers

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Amanda is a a professional florist. But her great passion is to make rare and precious parfumes out from the flowers. This period she is occupied with the project o create a parfume of in deed rear flowers as a gift to his wife. The first thing Amanda needs to do is to find the necessery flowers that she would use for the preparation of the parfume. Which ingrediants will Amanda use for this challange? She must be careful with the choices because only the finest kinds of flowers with their beautiful colors and qualities, will give the best parfumes ever.And Amanda is such a person, she loves to make people happy. She noticed that her client is very much eager to fulfill the wish of his wife and to give her something very special. And beloved persons deserve that, don\'t they? On the other hand, perfumes are something very personal. Even the most expensive perfume on Earth may not be the best choice for a certain woman.And perfume tells a lot about us.m, it shows a lot of our personality. Real great professionals make the best parfumes in the world. It takes a lot of time for a perfume to be created, because it is actually a piece of art. We hope we didn\'t give you too much work. You have an interesting challange and you might even learn more about the best flowers that are used for the most beautiful perfumes to be created. Please, help Amanda make that woman the happiest person! She surely deserves that!

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