Candy Mansion

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Hans and Greta, walking through the forest, came across a chocolate house, and probably each of us wanted the same thing, right? Even if a witch is hiding in the house, which we assume would be easy to deceive. Well, that happened to the fairy Evelyn who, while walking through the magical forest, discovered a sweet surprise quite by accident. She arrived at an unusual estate named Candy Mansion. Yes, this is a sweet mansion, but what\'s hiding there? Is this a sweet kingdom that everyone can try, or is there an evil witch hiding here waiting to do some mischief? Evelyn can\'t wait to start exploring this property and learn more about it and who lives here. Let\'s join her in this mission and find out together what\'s in the candy mansion, maybe something will attract our attention to dig deeper and discover its secret. And if we get something for free, we\'d be happy too, wouldn\'t we? Our sweet exploration can begin.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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