Theft in Paradise

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Perhaps it sounds logic to not to bring your expensive jewelry when you go on a holiday but for some people that expensive jewelry is simply a way of life, something they could not imagine their life without. Charlotte for example is a girl that always likes to look best and best for her means always wearing the most quality and most expensive pieces. And of course, her status allows her do that, she is a very wealthy girl.And besides the expensive clothes and jewelry, Charlotte also chooses expensive and luxury places to spend her holidays. Namely, few days ago Charlotte arrived on a luxurious island to spend the week on vacation. Since it is about that luxury place, we all suppose that the security is on the highest possible level but it seems it is not exactly like that and things may also go bad, no matter what.However, this morning she complained to the hotel manager that some of her expensive jewelry is missing from her collection. You will play as a detective in this game, who is called to solve the case. You arrive at the crime scene along with your partners Eddie and Karen so now it is up to you, to find the thief and bring back Charlotte her jewelry.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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