Riddles of the Undead

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Has anyone thought that there could be a place called the village of vampires? Why is it called that? Well of course, because there are live vampires, right? Vampires are distinguished by eternal life, which they live at the cost of not appearing much in the light of day because that robs them of their strength, makes them vulnerable, and even can make them mortal. Now meet Maria, the girl who is brave enough to visit the vampire village. She arrives in this village with a strange mission, but at the same time, she learns some facts about the life of vampires. The people who live in this village have faced death and surrendered to the immortality offered by Vampire Jack. This vampire wants to take Maria\'s village, so she is here to fulfill her mission - to save the village. Maria comes to the property of the vampire, to ask him to stop doing that. Let\'s see what is happening in the village of vampires and help Maria in her mission. This mission may be very dangerous, but that\'s why we\'re not here, to take care of everything.

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