Secret Mines

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The human kind hides a lot of secrets. People in the era of creating things, trying to express themselves use different mediums, art forms. Cave people drew cartoons on cave walls, they sent messages for others that way. Than paper came alone and people started writing massages there.Native Indians, the old citizens of the American continent had reach culture dedicated to the nature, to health, to Gods. They didn\'t care about violence. Unfortunately, when \'white people\' came on that continent and actually used the violence to conquer that world. A lot of Native Indians had to suffer for that.For today we are introducing you the Indian man called Hinto who has a great new mission. Completely by accident walking in the environment of his county, Hinto sights a mine. Never before he has noticed this place. The thing is we are talking about some secret mines. Hinto starts exploring, he notices interesting riddles written on the walls of the mine. He decides that he must answer all of them.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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