Travelers Ordeal

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There are numerous challenges a person needs to deal with, when working as a touristic guide. That person needs to take care of many people, assuming that they travel with larger groups of people when they go to visit certain touristic attraction. They have to keep the whole group under control, no one should lose his way; all the tickets should be there; the contacts with the locals should be also done with their mediation... And for someone that has just started doing this job, there could be some difficulties...James and Lisa are tourist guides for one very interesting tour through Asia. However, they are new in this job so they are very careful what they are doing. They believed that they were very careful when they decided to collect all the bust tickets from the tourists and put them in a bag.But while walking around the old Asian village, somehow the bag tore. All the tickets flew around the village, so now the tickets have to be found and collected, so the tour could continue.

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