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Corrupted offices - there is not such a bad thing as this! The ones that are responsible for our safety, the ones that should bring justice and protect us from the criminals, to be involved in another type of criminal as well. Who should we believe in, in that case? Detective Betty, together with her colleague, detective Mark, and the policewoman Lisa, enter the police station in the late-night hours. No, they are not there trying to make a crime. They are here because they suspect that in the case of the kidnapping of a young girl, named Sandra, someone didn\'t bring to court all the proofs about the kidnapper. They suspect that someone from the police likes to hide the clues, so the kidnapper could step out free, guilty of the charge. That\'s a terrible thing to do, and that\'s why our today\'s characters like to act right and find those hidden clues. Let\'s search the police station together and see if we can help them with something useful.. It will mean a lot to that poor young girl, to put the kidnapper in the place where he belongs.

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