Warehouse Hazards

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Who could be behind the series of explosions in the warehouse? These explosions are the main topic of conversation in this city where everything was peaceful until now. Everyone is wondering if these explosions could spread further and threaten the citizens.Veronica Chase is a private investigator looking into a series of warehouse explosions in her hometown. She received this difficult task and for now, there is no concrete evidence that could provide a solution to the case. She suspects a local scientist is behind those explosions but needs cold hard proof. And to get this evidence, she will have to explore the warehouse thoroughly and find everything the suspect left behind. The investigation will be difficult and demanding, but Veronica Chase is sufficiently trained and knows her job well, so we believe everything will be resolved as soon as possible.How about we spend a day with private detective Veronica Chase and work together to solve this case? It may take some time, but with teamwork, we can accomplish anything.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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