Labyrinth Canyon

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There are always people who love to help others without having any wish to get something back for the effort. It is called being human. They say, when you want to help someone, you shouldn’t think of the moment what should you gain in return for your good will.Betty is one of the principle rangers that are taking care of the canyon called Labyrinth. She, as well takes care of people’ safety who come to visit this canyon. For tomorrows’ day a group of young adventurers who want to visit the canyon themselves.But Betty, knowing the situation and the danger of this canyon and how easy someone can be lost over there, decides to pass the route today and to help the tourists. Her aim is to mark the way so that tourists won’t have any problem in managing the space. For this time we are giving you the chance to be helpful for some people that you know that need your help. Imagine yourself in such a situation – and you surely be thankful for the given hand, that will help you safe your life or not to put you in dangerous situation.

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