Coldest Winter

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In places where it is winter most of the year, the people are prepared for the cold weather, and they know how to expect winter every year. But when the weather is not typical for certain locations, people can be confused, and they don\'t know how to react at the moment. The city where Angela and Eric live has started one of the coldest winters so far. The whole city has been paralyzed by the snow and the cold weather, so the citizens need some help. The storm came unexpectedly, so now, the people who live in that place are in a panic. They realize that they have to stay calm if they like to find a solution for the whole situation. The citizens are trying to help each other in these circumstances because they all know that they are helpless alone. Let\'s help them deal with this hard situation, and let\'s hope that everything will be just fine in these unusual circumstances. You don\'t know how to deal with snow and cold weather? Just follow the whole situation and we will react just right.

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