Undercover Agents

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Some artifacts and objects very often become interesting and have a good price many years after they were created. It is not a rare situation at all to find that something was almost not at all important when it actually began, or sometimes can be misunderstood, actually.Money as sort of paying thing, has survived great revolution in its\' form, it\'s value, in the design. And the older some coin actually is, the better it is for artifact collectors. What if someone finds a way to collect very old coins from centuries ago. They have great value, you know. And it is all so normal that every collector would love to have them.Gabriel, Diana and Jane are undercover agents who should discover who lies behind the robbery of the golden species from the Middle age that were stolen from a private collection. These guys find out that owner of a local factory was involved in this robbery, but they can\'t succeed in getting a warrant for the factory because they don\'t have enough evidences. Now you get the reason why Gabriel, Diana and Jane have decided to go undercover.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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