Fragments of Crime

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The famous detective Alexis is back on task. She has solved all kinds of crimes, and this time she also has a complicated case. It is about something that happens in the apartment of the married couple Smiths. Alexis comes to the apartment of the married couple Smiths to find out what is going on in their apartment. Namely, the Smiths found a few times that someone breaks in into their apartment while they are not at home. That mysterious person doesn\'t steal something or destroy the place, but he just leaves threatening notes. The Smiths are very concerned about what is going on and who is the person who wishes them bad things. Detective Alexis wants to discover the identity of the man that frightens the Smiths with those spooky notes. We will be there, and we will try to help her collect enough pieces evidence that will give the needed answers to this unusual situation. Let\'s see what can be done and help detective Alexis, together with the Smiths. Only that way they will be able to have peace in their own home.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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