Begin Again

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For many people moving into another place, another home or another city, even changing a job, are issues in life that are rather hard to accept and deal with. However, probably those people don\'t have in mind that those things could be a great possibility to open a new chapter in life; a possibility to start all over and learn new things.Christina has decided exactly that – starting a new chapter in her life. Yes, she was little bit scared and confused at the beginning but very soon she realized that this could be a perfect opportunity to take the most out of her life and enjoy it even more. Christina was not very satisfied with her career, or more precisely, with the level of her career that could be reached in her born city. That\'s why she decides to move into another, bigger city, where the opportunities for personal progress are bigger.Today Christina arrives in her new home. It is about an older house that has been abandoned for some years. She has to start cleaning the whole place before she moves in, so she starts by getting rid of the unnecessary objects.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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