Book of Riddles

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We know that knowledge comes from books, but what about wisdom? Are books guarantee that we will become wise? Or do we need numerous books or some particular book that will do its things? There is a saying that you do not have to drink all the water in the sea to realize that it is salty … But what is the truth? Julia was always fascinated by stories about wizards and sorceresses. Some people are afraid of them and relate them to evil and black magic, but Julia knows that all these stories are not true and there is more than that. In her kingdom, there is still one more sorceress, and Julia likes to use this chance and learn something more from her. This lady has a book of riddles and Julia hopes that if she gets to that book, she will get the wisdom of the sorceress too. Julia comes into the house of the last sorceress, looking for the book of riddles, so let\'s help her in her mission. After that, we will get to know if this book could really give her wisdom or the wisdom comes from something else.

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